Becoming a fish

This week I survived my first open water swimming session. There was a lot of anxiety about moving away from the controlled environment of a pool to the outdoor elements a lake has to offer. From waves, to fish, the thought of lake monsters, sighting, vision, breathing, and the fear of drowning, it was a lot to take in. Going into it I really had no

My swimming hole. Neskonlith Lake.

My swimming hole. Neskonlith Lake.

idea what to expect out of myself. Would I be anxious? Could I do it? Had I trained enough in the pool to be prepared for open water? Yet once I stuck my face in the water for the first time and saw my surroundings, I felt at peace and at ease. It was not scary, but liberating, as I felt like a guppy who was experiencing life outside a fish bowl for the first time. I have to say that everything about training for the swim has been an adventure, but moving from the safe confines of the pool to open water has one particular adventure all on its own; the purchase of a wetsuit. Continue reading

Back to the beginning

For last eight months, I have been training for triathlons, and so far it has been a slow and oftentimes painful process. I have struggled to learn the finesse techniques of swimming, suffered through the confusion of understanding smooth gear shifting while cycling, and agonized my lungs while trying to master the art of controlled breathing while running. There has been maxed out credit cards, crashes, cramps, blisters and strains, yet I am completely hooked, and undeniably committed to continue the adventure.  Continue reading