Kelowna Apple 2013 – 1:31

There is a constant flutter of what feels like butterflies in my stomach, a surge of adrenaline in my shaky hands, and the pulsating beat of my racing heart. I seem to be going through these feelings a lot lately, yet this time these are not nerves; these are the pangs of excitement.
The night before my second triathlon and the anticipation leaves me exceptionally restless. As the glowing green clock on my nightstand blinks just before 10:30, I know my focus should be on rest and sleep, but instead I am transfixed on thinking about transitions, swim starts, and bike mounts. This race will be different from my first one in that there will be more racers and bigger competition, but the biggest change for me will be going from a 600 metre pool swim to a 750 metre open water swim. Mass bodies all charging towards the water at one time, no deck, no ropes, and no black lines to guide me; this is very different. I glance over to the side of the bed to see my race day gear neatly spread across the chair and on the floor. I have checked and re-checked that I am not missing anything, my bike is already racked in transition, and in an almost paranoid-like fashion I have set four different alarm clocks. There is nothing left to do, but sleep.

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