The Brick Workout

I smoothly shift my gears and slow my bike down to a glide before eventually braking to a complete stop.  I swing my right leg across the middle bar, and feel the heaviness of tired muscles weigh me down. It’s not until I am completely off the bike that I realize just how heavy, shaky and tired my legs feel. I am teetering on lead pillars. Cautiously, I bend at the waist to take off my cycling shoes, and prepare to slide my feet into my runners. The heaviness weighs on me and I feel as though I might topple like a leaning tower of Jenga. As I pop back to the upright position, I struggle to bring one leg in front of the other, as I shift my muscles from cycling mode to running mode. I am a baby fawn with drunken coordination, and this is called the ‘brick workout.’
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