Step two: Find a log, sit down, enjoy the silence

I sat down tonight to tell a story, and the truth is I’ve started and stopped to tell eight different versions of nothing. The post season blues have hit me hard. I think it’s safe to say that I’m back to feeling like myself – although not really. All my fine form conditioning has slowly escaped me and I feel sucked dry, sluggish, useless and otherwise dwindled down. Getting into a routine has been difficult. First I wasn’t well enough to train, then I wasn’t sleeping enough to have the energy to train and then I just kind of fell out of everything and slumped into a routine of not doing anything. It’s a vicious cycle. I think I even started to excuse it all by saying, “I’m still not ready.” Maybe that was true a week or two ago, but the excuses no longer apply. I was so impatient while getting healthy, constantly chomping at the bit to get back into training hard when I should have been resting. Now that I’m there, I can’t seem to get into a grove; my drive seems faded or somehow missing. I’m beating myself up slowing down, but maybe for now, I’ll just find a log, sit down, and enjoy the silence.







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